From Hating It to Loving It

I didn't take writing into consideration for a while

It was a group of letters to me, nothing more, and nothing less

No emotion that positively strikes other souls around me

Sometimes not even a valid point to put out there

Just a collision of letters that crashed into each other, showing nothing

I want to take writing to the heart

I want others to have sentiment towards it

I want to change someone’s mind in a positive way

So that at the end of the day I can say “Hey guess what, I helped someone out today”

But the best part is that feeling that you get

A feeling that touches your heart

It makes you feel good inside

So why stop there

There is so much that words can do

It’s a like a mirror in a way

With the words we speak

It produces an image of a person that we see in the mirror

And I want that projection to be a positive sign

However, I’m just one person

I don’t have all the answers

And sometimes I need support from all the hard falls

But that won’t stop me from trying to help others


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