He does not play coy.

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 01:45 -- Emily

He broke my heart, he gives and takes

But the fact was it was not his to break.

My heart belongs to God, the one and only.

The one who loves, the one who holds me.

He never cheats, never lies,

He never curses or despies. 

He loves with all of His might and will,

with amazing beauty that keeps me still.

He makes me patient and forgiving,

even if the other guy was not willing.

He is my God, my Holy Father,

and I am His child, His sinning daughter.

He will always be with me, here and there,

through the times to which seem so unfair.

He will heal my heart, once and for all;

hold my hand and break my fall.

So next time your heart is broken by a boy,

remember God is just, He does not play coy.


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