He, Him, & They

It was always fun to be a sun

People saw me and they thought I shined

I wanted to be seen that way

I was taught that is how I should be seen

Who I was, was blinded by this light

I hated it, I was angry at the man that set me on fire

It was Him that controlled everything about me I hated

My Moon saw how much the light hurt me

It was Him who was forced to leave in the end


The flames have left and I am free to be me

I was burning so long though, who is me?

Ever so lost in the light, now I enjoy the dark

My eyes slowly healing from the sunspots

For a while I explored my freedom from the fire

HE came to be

I was so cold after being so warm I didn’t notice

Your are so beautiful

Your smile is adorable

I just love everything about you

I did not feel the flames

He gained my trust

He asked for the part of me that Him could never reach

I wanted to, or at least the animal in me did

He got to see all of me

He was allowed too, I felt so empty

I thought he was the answer for me

Pain, a numbness like being hurt all over again with something you can’t see.

He was allowed and for the first time, the flames got inside of me

He fell asleep next to me

I left, now just ashes of something I could not see

Blindly I walked

Then They came

Like rain they washed away the ashes

Grasping from the rain I looked up

The stars were so bright


This IS ME

Words mean nothing to me now

He and Him say I love you and I smile

There is nothing flammable about me now

No one should burn from love

Love is meant to keep you warm on cold nights

Love is meant to help you never feel alone

I feel the light from the Moon, it warms me

But I will always know now,

That I should never have to burn for somebody else

It was Him who set me on fire

He made me act foolish and let his flames in

But they taught me how to be me.



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