hearts of men

where are your hearts men?

with The Lord where your heart is pure like a clean conscious

or harden like a lion roaring with no teeth

where are your hearts men?

don't go by your hearts that will mislead

but lead your heart to triumph in magnifying God

a wise person listens for instruction

a goof will not listen to rebuke that needs to cast down

all manipulated by satan whom will mislead you with a false lifestyle that you think is glorious

a man shall eat well by the fruit of his mouth

but the soul who is unfaithful feeds violence that leads to hunger of starvation begging for salvation

a person who guards one's mouth preserves life where it continues to live

on the other hand, one who opens one's mouth foolishly will not only be heard, but will suffer destruction

a lazy person desires nothing but harmful food that accumulates garbage to your lowly body

diligence will inherently gain riches

someone who's righteous hates to lie

what's done in the dark will come to light

a lying person will have trouble keeping up with stories because one will not remember

and will come to shame

being righteous is blameless

wickedness overthrows the sinner, you don't see the unseen, therefore, you're blind

you may have riches financially, but still have nothing

those who are poor will gain more inheritence beside money

light of the wise will shine

lamp will go out in flames to those who don't have wisdom

being prideful leads to strife

being faithful leads to eternal life

hope seperated from The Lord makes the heart sick that needs to heal

when desires comes, the heart is heal pumping blood erupted by The Holy Spirit

one who don't listen to God's words will go deaf

one who fears Him will heath his words where his life is save

prudent people understand knowledge

fools on the other hand don't understand knowledge will open on their moronic folly

poverty will come to those who disdain correction refuse to be overcomers

those will rebuke will be honor

one who walk with wise people will be wise

one who hang with goons will be destroy

love The Lord with all your heart, your mind & your soul

love your neighbor

one who hates their neighbor falls into sin

one who is merciful like God is full of grace

i fear You, i need the fountain of life in keeping my spirits and soul young

i turn away from the snares of death from those who don't even care

a beating heart revamps life

envy decays your soul with rotten filth

resist the oppression of condemnation

surrender The Lord with uplifting revelation

so i ask you again gentlemen

where are the hearts of men?

do you lead your heart in saying soft words that turn away wrath in loving your wife?

or do you lead your heart is harsh words that stirs up anger in your wife leaving you astray?

the abundance of the heart is what comes out of your mouth

everything you say, The Lord is watching you with everything

paying attention to all good and evil

to better oneself a little will fear Him

than affluent riches with trouble

being better is a dinner of chicken salad with fruits, where love is

than a fatted pork fried rice with hatred pierces one's heart to be evil

a wise man loves his family like Jesus loves his church

a foolish man puts his family on the back burner where all the thief does is steal, kill, & destroy one's joy

the light will shines on a man who can see the unseen will have his heart rejoice

the ear that hears any form of rebuke will never go deaf

if you fall into temptation of sin

the wages of sin will be death

the gift of God is eternal life

so where are your hearts men?





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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a draft

didn't finish yet.........i'll finish this piece by today

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

just completed this amazing piece

glory be to God

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