Hello, is that you?

Dear anxiety,

Why do you always lie to me?

You seem to always tell the truth but I dont understand why,

Why you continuously try to make me feel as if I should cry


I never know what to say,

You always seem to simply take my breath away

I struggle to get through the pain as you chain me up

And rip my heart out with your bare hands just to feel it thump


Why do you play these mind games with me?

You show up in my head only to drown me

Why do you randomly appear

When you know that you are what makes up all my fear


I've run so far

I've driven even further in my car

I've tried escaping as you through the valleys and hills

I've even tried through the work of pills


But I've learned that I can't run

I have embraced it rather then shun

I can no longer hide from this fear

But it still continuously whispers in my ear


I can sleep at night knowing I can take a breath

As I'm watched by my soul rather then Death

Hello, is that you there, anxiety?

You will never feel what you used to feel from me.


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