help me yang

Dear, Yang

I'm stuck in this room man I cant get out 

Shivers down my spine, without a doubt 

I'm stuck on this bed

I'm locked in my head 

My soul, my body bruh I cant get out 

When I'm finally gone bruh I start to panic

I'm sinking, I'm drowning this shits satanic 

We both fighting demons man how romantic?

I jump you, you jump lets hope we land it

I know you'll be fine but don't leave me stranded 

I need you so much fuck I cant stand it 

They say yin calm down bruh, you're losing your mind 

But maybe I'm awake I just see the signs 

Everything you have has been built to destroy you

I grow with every second cause of what I'm exposed to 


We're starting over again no guidance no plan 

They say the worlds at an end 

So lets just pretend 

Like we did everything right 

Educational fights 

neurological lights 

Forbidden knowledge in sight 

 I go to sleep because my dreams give me a break from my fears

But when my dreams turn to nightmares my realities clear

Almost eight teen time for me to pick a career

I needed guidance

But they gave me the wheel and said steer it

And now they talkin but I cant push myself to hear it 

The youth is speaking but our words just echo right back 

I'm talkin to these walls just to learn that walls hold facts 


Because we're stuck in a maze 

The kids that we raise 

Stuck in society praise 

Prayin its only a phase 

Makes it even harder to say

That I'm okay ancestors paved the way

Thankful for where I stay but 

I know you feel so grown, i know it sucks to be alone

They say there’s just no place like home

How when a home just ain't a home

So baby just pick up that phone

And tell yin what’s going on


Yang I'll do anything to make sure that you finally got your own

Gave you my heart why you treat it like a motha fuckin loan

Anger issues sorry bae, I’ll just tidy up my tone

Thinking I love you between every broken moan

You my backbone I could never leave you in your zone alone


I say it cause this is more than lust

More than trust  

Its way above us

Way more than love


But how we reach it ?

Even I don’t know

But I preach it And teach it


In hopes one day our kids Will read it

And come to a home that is a home

Where nothings really wrong

Where we sing laugh and stay up writing songs

Where peace isn’t in a bong

Where no one has to stay strong


-Yin aka Talannie Richardson



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


Alina V

I felt such intense emotion in this. It's an amazing poem.  


Thank you so much I appreciate it

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