From Her

Dear mind,

I’m sorry she cannot use you to your fullest potential,

I’m sorry you’re forced to  such negative thoughts that pollute and illude your perspective of life, and of her.


Dear eyes,

I’m sorry she does not use you for your , to see the beauty in the beast you’re a part of, you do not deserve such a negligent body for you can see everything but She makes you see only gray.

I’m sorry you are blurred from reality by the tears that team and brim you and force you to see the dark in the midst of light.


Dear voice,

I’m sorry she keeps you behind sealed lips,

How your heavy words weighs down her tongue and force you to the back of her throat


Dear neck and shoulders,

I’m sorry For the knots of stress that tense you up and the weight that hunches you over


Dear chest

Once I’m sorry I cannot mend you the way you need to be mended

I know that you still are hollow but trust me just bare with it a little longer


Dear waist and stomach and thighs

Keep storing the weight of our binges because you’ll eventually lose it all one day


Dear knees

Try not to buckle under the weight you carry atop you, time only knows how long it will be until your burdens are lifted

Dear feet,


I’m sorry for the chains that weigh you down and force you to walk along a trail of nails each painstaking day


Dear her,

I’m sorry that I've distorted your perception of beauty.

I'm sorry I let life chew you up and spit you out time and time again

I’m sorry for kicking you down while trying to get up

I’m sorry I gave up on you before we even had the chance to try, and make you lose all faith

I’m sorry

For making you live this life.


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