Her Eyes #speakyourmind


Her eyes open

with the dawn of day.

The world greets her with

open arms; she replies with

a soft cry. Her life starts with the

blooming buds of Spring.


Her eyes twinkle

in the peak of day. Joy burst through

her seams as she runs with her worries

lost in the grassy fields. Her life thrives

with the green leaves of summer.


Her eyes water

with the setting of the sun.

The pink orange sky brings

her comfort; she waits

for darkness to come. A white cloth

dabs her cough of blood. The last

leaf softly falls in autumn.


Her eyes close

with the coming of the night .

Her life escapes through her

lips; however a faint smile remains.

The warmth of a light causes a

stir; Her eyes open in response as the

first bud blooms in spring.


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