Her New Husband

 My grandmother used to have a man , I don't know him too well, all I know is that he got deported a long time ago,my grandfather....but she found a new husband tho She meet him around the block in Queens, beside  a poor kid in the projects,the graveyard of destined prophets.He was only nine but it wears on you,seeing your mom spread her legs just to do for you The kid introduced my grandmother to her new husband who rested nearby his weed and heat,his white skin yelled innocence while everyone yelled venomous. But when she saw him,the burden of a fatherless home vanished,as was the spell he casted on her with his presence  Her husband constantly abused her,sadly.He never touched the kids,only her,leaving scabs andm lacerations,followed by her poor respiration and foam coming from her mouth,but that only happens when they make love,her room making sure her painful moans don't get too loud Her husband cheated....often, finessing women out of their love and money that could've went to the kids they neglect daily. But they all are terrified to leave,so they stay, not even God can stop this false messiah's undeserved praise. Grandmother wanted to be free,but without him,she felt everyone she loved deserted her......except him.And what's worse then seeing your mother on his leash is watching it strangle the life out of gradually  We shed so many tears as......we failed to save her.The stench of death took up residence, but you still felt her presence, she was just bed bound and cold,like grim reaper paid a visit just to harvest her soul. Her veins bulged through skin like paper,with the warm vomit she choked on throwing off the consistent color. The police found my father,crying,trying to wake her up,after hours of her not responding  The funeral was filled with her friends and family,the same people who tried convincing her that her husband was not her only family. The preacher yelled about Jesus and the sins he carried on our behalf......like that's ever brought people back. Even then,her husband didn't attend,he didn't even look at her obituary,but simply just married to another single mother's family My grandmother was married before she died, I think I know his name tho. He goes by many, heroin,angle dust,snow. I can't say he was good to her.........but you could say he was her last love tho 

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My family
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