Her Struggle


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 She cries in the corner

 Thinking nobody sees,

 But she doesn’t notice that

 The other corner hides me.

 I can see in her eyes

 The hurt and the pain.

 She’s been through a lot

 With nothing to gain.

 Her kids have betrayed her.

 Her family’s a mess.

 Her husband’s not acting it.

 She can’t find a rest.

 She feels all alone.

 With no one to reach to,

 It feels like her life

 Has gone completely askew.

 Her face tells me that

 She carries much stress.

 With worry on her brow,

 She tries to do what is best.

 She reigns in her temper,

 Puts a mask on her face,

 Then faces the world

 With poise and with grace.

 She knows what to do

 And she does it quite well.

 But her actions cannot

 Stop another’s yells.

 They don’t understand

 How hard she has tried.

 For thirty-seven years

 She stayed as his bride.

 She raised two families.

 Was second mother to a third.

 Now most goes down the drain.

 Some more becomes blurred.

 She wonders sometimes

 If it’s best not to trust,

 But quickly tells herself

 That trusting’s a must.

 I’ll show her this later,

 For I know her quite well.

 I’m sure that she’ll wonder

 How about her I tell.

 You see, I went through

 Much of the same.

 I know what it’s like

 To lose your heart’s flame.

 I promised myself

 To leave no one alone.

 So I will be her ear,

 Her heart to atone.


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