Hidden Away


Teens today are dependent on a lot of different things

Cellphones, make up, video games. Selfies, illegal activites.

But, without all these advances, what exactly are we?

Without our phones, we feel powerless

The need to update update update and snap photos with friends

#Selfie the only trend, picture after picture filling up a newsfeed

That we constantly scroll and suffer through

Making fun of people who are different, diligently liking and commenting

Relating our lives to someone elses problem to seem to fit in. 

Without our makeup, the girls feel naked

And not Naked like the actual makeup but we feel exposed

Showing off our faces and sides to the world that we want no one to see,

Trying to cover our blemishes and acne, our scars from the world

Shhh, dont let them see how vulnerable I am without some powder, a pencil and liquids

Hair dying, dried and dead from multiple dyes and presses or curls

Boys worry about how their masculinity will be affected, 

No homo, eww, gay people are gross

I only watch action films and like to wrestle with friends

Lose their minds at video games

The flashing lights and running figures dance on screen

Head shot, triple kill, activate the air strike

Then, as we grow older, we do things that parents tell us not to

Sneaking out late at night, getting drunk or high with friends

What happened to us? This generation?

Us 90s kids, who played outside on our Razr scooters and bikes

Playing dress up or G.I. Joe, Barbie carelessly thrown away 

For cell phones, laptops and cosmetics.

Without all these things, we were happy. 

This poem is about: 
My community


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