Hiding from lables.


I don't want to be thrown in a box, 
Shoved in a closet and kept under lock. 

I don't want to be labled, and carefully put in a cabinet, 
only to pop up when needed in action. 

I am not an item that needs to be categorized, 
I am a human, 
and I am so much more than just one thing. 

I want to be celebrated, not analyzed. 
I want to paint myself with all the colors that I feel inside,
without the fear of being organized into one group. 

I am more than just one group of people,
I am a million different shapes, a ton of different parts, 
all wraped up inside. 

I am holding myself back until the day that I can finally show off 
all the different pieces that make up me. 

Untill the day were everyone can shuffle off all the layers of lables and judgment. 
That beautiful day that we all can put together our pieces, 
and finally become one. 


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