High Hopes

I work hard.

Stopping is not an option.

The haters around me are only toxins.

They try to bring me down,

From sunrise to sundown.

I won't let them.

If I were a flower they would try to pluck my stem.

My thorns are strong, 

I am determined to prove them wrong.


I see my former friends falling behind.

Drugs and alchohol I will always decline. 

Some people need to unwind.

Not me I keep one goal in my mind.


The goal is to be great,

The best.

Better than the rest.

I don't call myself an over-achiever.

I am instead a believer.

I believe that I will succeed. 

problems may not intercede.

My parents urge me to go on,

and I do one better by going above and beyond.


I will take what is mine. 

Nothing will get in my way.

Essay after essay, but I still stand tall,

the moment I slack off will be my downfall.


That is why I work hard.

Stopping is not an choice. 

In my head there is a voice.

It says that once I have flourished I may rejoice.

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My family
My community
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