Hindered By Color

He told me I was one of the most beautiful specimens he'd ever seen.
They said we'd look good together;
I foolishly hoped he liked me.

They teased us and pushed us closer together.
He laughed and played along.
Why couldn't I see that he was only playing?

He Looked at me with embracing eyes;
His smile was sweet like cotton candy
Why did it have to be him?

My hopes high and my heart content;
He smiles at me once more,
But the room is too cold for happy.

He tells me it's not me.
He says his grandmother wouldn't approve
My world is in shatters.

I really thought we could be something
I really thought he could like me
His grandmother's opinion is what really matters.

Above all things, it's because I'm not white.
We've known each other for more than ten years.
Why does my skin color define who I am?

I can still remember when I would play with him and Ben,
But now I can't even speak to him.
My whole world is shattered.

I'm frozen where I sit.
My mouth is shut tight and my hands are in my lap.
I never thought he would only see my skin color.
I never knew he couldn't see me.

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