History and Now


I write for the ones

Who cannot speak for themselves

For they are not given voices

But left dusty on the shelves

They make our country stand

In a spot so unreachably tough

Yet as hard as they try

It’s never enough

They came from a place

In search for a better life

Similar to our ancestors

dealing with another strife

they came at a time

when the guns beat the arrows

and turned out the natives

like unwanted sparrows

they welcomed us here

we took which was there’s

and centuries later

we refuse to even care

about the ones who are in true desperate need

and try as hard as they can

to help their families lead

a good healthy life

as they remember it well

before coming here now

there wasn’t a time it was swell

no food on the table

even the smallest of them worked

just to keep their family living

through the ashes and the dirt

and now we remember the days

of our ancestors living

came to the land for promise

and stole without giving

and now we believe

that although this land isn’t ours

we have the right to throw them out

 like we have all the power



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