The Hollow Leaves

Through the breeze
A slight scent of mint
The Sumer didn't even make a dent
In the column of cosmic debris
Hollow leaves with colors that bleed
In Autumn the colors turn red
To awake the barren lake
Columns of petrified fragmentation awaits

There is a reason for are being
Red, yellow & grey
Will set your course for a happy day
Nature beckons us to draw near
I shed a tear to numb the inner pain
From a Summer sunset to a new day dawn
Some even curse the day they were actually born
It will take you higher then ever before
Lest I implore another open door

Life is made up with moments like these
Through the hollow leaves
We made are stake in claim in the game of life
Amidst the trials & strife
With humble hearts we choose to explore
Onto so much more lest I implore

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My community


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