Hopeful Community


The power to change.

The possibilities to achieve.

How many lives can be touched?

How can this world change for the better

if it's constantly at war,

children at war with school,

at war with their parents.


Parents at war with their jobs.

People at war with society and the economy.

Adults at war with age.

Some, even at war with themselves.


Change is hope and that hope is what I would change.

I wish that the hope everyone constantly has

is what provokes that change for the better.

The change to improve themselves.

Not only themselves but their surroundings.

We have all been at war with this world,

it is time.


It is time to mend the wounds of the community.

It is time to help each other.

It is time we see each other as equals.

And the time is now to unite.

To stop pushing away those that love us,

to realize that no one is more valuable than you.


Need to talk?

If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression. Text HOME to 741741