Tonight my heart begins to pound,
For this new feeling I have found.
I feel the worry and regret,
All the mistakes I can't forget.

How can I change my old ways,
Give me the words to make you stay.
What can I do to make you see,
That I only want you here with me.

I love looking in your brown eyes,
Though it pains me to see them cry.
You deserve the absolute best,
Like you, standing out from the rest.

My heart pounds when I hold you tight,
Those long moments we had those nights.
You're the one who always gives back,
Even though I continue in lack.

I can't imagine you not here,
All alone, overwhelming fear.
I can't repay you for what you've done,
Just believe you're my only one.

I still get nervous when you're close,
Perfection from your head to your toes.
You've made my heart and feelings soar,
Every inch of you I adore.

You truly are one of a kind,
I pray more love is all we find.
We'll make it through whatever we face,
I wouldn't give up what I can't replace.

Things may never work the way we plan,
And at times we may feel we never can,
But in the end, just know it's true,
I really, truly care for you.


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