Horses are just what makes life liveable. For many there are days when they wake up and think to themselves "what would I do if I did not have someone like my horse to depend on me." The horse is not just an animal. Nor are they simply a friend. Horses are our best friends the ones that try to prevent our falls and when we do fall they are there to wait with us. If we have a bad day, they are right there to listen to us. We always know that they can be trusted because they can't speak English. Someone great once said "The horse is a mirror to the soul " and for those who choose to show the world what their horse can do the great George Morris once said "if riding was only BLUE ribbons and BRIGHT lights, I would have quit a long time ago." While winning at a show is nice of you make it your life, things become sad. keep life happy. keep life fun. keep life SIMPLE 

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