House on Fire

I have locked myself in a burning house and refused to let you in

I lit the match of temptation and let the sin engulf your beautiful place for me

The shame fills my lungs and I cry because I know death is near

But I can’t open the door; my pride guards it

I’ve made my bed, now I must lie in it

I’m ashamed that I need you

I’m ashamed that I never thought I could live without you

You knock but I deserve death

You call me beloved but the fire is too loud

Yet, I am too scared to burn

So I’m opening the door

Not because I’m good, but because I’m selfish

Your love makes me angry, it makes no sense

My heart is rotten, and you love me

My venom is never repulsive enough for you

My cries for you to leave never drive you off

Your love is unreasonable. It waits. It’s not concerned with justice. It only calls me beloved and wraps my fragile, burnt, self in a tender embrace

Your love fades the fire

Your place for me cannot be destroyed by my sin

Nothing I can do will remove me from your love

I will never understand

Why you love me

But all I know

Is that you do

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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