The Houses

 In the house around the corner I hear the offkey ramble.

In the house a street down from that house held a couple with the love purer than earth's water or a mother's love that is everlasting.

For the house of ramble that the girl has cried and sobbed in with an off tune.

For the house of extravagant trips and wine dancing off the table with the sharp cheese of delight. 

The first house is as broken and left footed as the individuals suffer from the self esteem outage with no love or respect.

With her heart tinted so no one sees his marks or the pain as she bangs on thoses sealed windows to be freed but everyone walks by.

As she once later found door she ran and ran and ran once farther from the prison she was held captive in.

The world greeted her with ever-glowing sun, and natural beauty.

The house which was down the street or two wasn't far as they saw her happy but pondering.

The couple accepted her into their home with love and took her in as she had no where to stay.

The contentful couple spoke words of caramel and honey. 

Hands so soft feathers were rough.

The kisses so gentle and fragile glass wasn't comparible. 

The girl could taste the wine and the cheese dancing on her buds.

Muisc plays as it strings the girl like a puppet and the music took over. 

For once she felt like she was a somebody.

For once she was a key in a song now in tune.

She plays beautifully as she was before it was too late.

She later found a place to stay and said farewell to the couple.

Before leaving after two years of a stay she said " Why do all this for me?' 

All that fell from the women's pursed lips was " No one should be treated how you were hun. That wasn't love. Love isn't hitting, or him serving you pebbles when you deserve fine jewels and diamonds. Love is caring for the ones who deserve it, love is loyalty on drunken nights, and love is when he or she will never hurt you intentionally. Lastly, my dear love is also forgiveness. He didn't love you darling.

That wasn't love.


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