How to be black...rough draft


Darkened in the sun
Like dried up raisins
Sun dried our roots
Plucking our knowledge of heritage
Leaving us in ignorance
Pulling us to face our own brothers and sisters force to hate each other
over the reflection we see
Prejudice scrapped her gums branding the love of the authentic from the
bottom of her tongue
She no longer wants to speak her native language
Because rulers had bruised up her thumbs
Forcing her to live such dreams from America letting her
Hair kill the Guatemalan in her
But it was slaughtering the afro
Of her complexion
Us ebony people abandoned each other
As if we were them cave Negros
Us ebony people have separated when our skin is 1
Us ebony people master the act of speech violence
Scaring the men who carry on our last name; that leads us to the first
slaves in America
Our ebony men is running the opposite way from us ebony women
Because he couldn’t use his pride no more
He couldn’t hide the scars that he thought was his face when it was just
his skin reminding him how rich his roots were
Ebony my people carry the dysfunction towards our maple complexion
Someone who laments on being a victim of prejudice due to this maple
mahogany skin tone
You should be able to embrace the beauty of ebony
Instead of hurting by your hatred.
If my skin is too rich for your ignorance than look the other way & stop
trying to slay my heart w/ cowardly & absent minded behavior were all
adults here
You can’t handle these big hips even if you were on steroids
Let my skin be the lessons that whoop your ass back to African wisdom
Were Lucy once rose
Let these words lecture your ears so you can envision the first African
family that was split apart
Let my words invade your heart and make you fall in love again w/ the
queens of all queens
My ebony princesses remember that you’re beautiful
No one can destroy you
But your selves
No queen can fit a king like you do and that our skin makes all of our
races identical
No matter how many teeth’s we suck how many times we smack our tongue
We are one, no matter how Puerto Rican or Brazilian that man is
We all began from rich ebony skin
Don’t go back in that cave girl.
You are beautiful
My complex people who the sun belongs to
Fall in love with your reflection
My afro people
My mother
My man
The end


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