How many voices does it take?


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Why is life so easy, and for others it's not. How come I get to go to college but some have to get a job. Why isn't life equal, why are others forgot. There is to many people in the world for it to be like this! They say it only takes one voice to start, And how many voice in this world again, I must of forgot. You know I do my best to try and change what I think is wrong. Some people agree with me but they wont stand by! Why is that? Are they afraid? What do you got to lose? Were changing what we can and what we can we'll change. I've been apply for scholarship left and right. I mean who doesn't need money to go on with their life. But to be honesty I probably don't need it as much, give to some one on the streets they deserve it. Give to someone that had lost all hope. Thinks they can't go to college only cause their broke. I can pay for it on my own. Once I get to the university that's when I'll need it the most! I hope I have better luck with scholarships then. Cause a PHD, That's a lot of years to attend. I'll give back to the community, I promise you that! I can teach my children poetry and every patient that asks. Yes I said patient but I wont be a doctor, I want to change people's life through my voice. That's why I have choose child psychology . Start when their young, like I did long ago! I let my anger and sadness through writing and that's what gets me through this crazy road.

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