How Peace can Make Change: A Story of the Greensboro Sit-ins

Wed, 03/13/2013 - 20:54 -- mbd11c


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Come on down and have a Coke for a bit
Let me tell you a story here as you sit:
A story of courage and of changing the world
Just by not listening to another man’s word.

Four boys of colour, just like you and me
Went to the store after school, and after shopping
They sat in four chairs and ordered a drink
Laid down their money and made the world think.

The server said, “No, we don’t serve your kind here.”
You’re too different; you don’t belong, the world jeered;
But the four boys, tired of hate
Sat in those chairs all day but never ate.

Some who watched were amazed at the change
How you can stand up for what’s right with hardly an exchange?
They joined the four boys and sat down as well,
And some held up signs but no one did yell.

News of this traveled far and wide from the town
And some other people had a sitting of their own;
After a while they showed everyone else
That change can happen without a single assail.

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