How You Love Me

Is it when you hit me?

Is it when I bleed?

Tell me that you need me?

Hang me dry?

Only bother to laugh when I cry?

Or is it like that time when you gave me a black eye?


I’m pitiful.

I’m depressed.

Dammit I’m a full time mess.

But I never wanted to love so much like this before.

The More You Push Me

The More I bruise

Somebody call SVU

‘Cause I’m So Used


My mama’s called the police

My old man’s holding me telling me it’s going to be okay

But It’s not me; it’s you

And I never want to hurt no one


I’d do anything for you.

You’ve never got to ask.

We’re connected by a red thread, baby

You are the other half of me

Got me standin’ in the mirror

Wonderin’ what the hell have I done

Couldn’t find the trigger To Go and Set me Off

Why in the world did God make love?


A toy to be abused

A toy to be held

A toy to break the calmness of the nursery

To bury your hatchet in

You were gonna love me


Where’s the nurture?

I’m property so I can’t go away

I sold my soul to my soulless self



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