Wed, 11/21/2012 - 16:07 -- swift


United States
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What does it mean to be human?
Does it imply we are utterly fallible and cruel?
Always concocting excuses for our mistakes
“Oh, I’m only human”

But to be humane
Means to be pacifist,
Considerate of those in agony
Sparing the lives of those who may or may not deserve it

But we discriminate ourselves above others
The sovereign of the food chain
With it an insult to be anything else
“What are you, some sort of animal?”

And to be superior
We bestow judgment upon others
Everything is our manipulation
We could eradicate a species, a race, an earth if we desired

Does fallibility amalgamate with supremacy?
Does pacifism elope with malice?

To be human is to be a paradox


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