What's a prey to a lion? What's a pawn to a king?

What makes us superior without luxurious things?

It's a hungry mentality, that's open for interpretation. 

It's feeding off what we desire, what we could lose without motivation.

It's the eye of the tiger, the fire and spark in your heart.

It's what makes us uncommon, and that makes it an art. 

Its never looking down, unless youre picking up someone

Its always looking up to know you're limitless from the ground to our sun

To have constant dissatisfaction, but for only one reason 

Its like shooting a target blindfolded until you're not missin'

Believing you're the best without the comparisons.

To lead a group of garrisons, you need to bleed--

Bleed from experiences, from taking drastic measures, 

From failing to failures in order to succeed and take the treasure.

Michael Jordan couldn't shoot an umpteen amount of freethrows in a row before, but he was hungry.

So he practiced  for days/weeks/years on--why? Hunger. 

He pursued, he got bruised, he couldn't afford those new shoes,

He could lose, had everything to prove, but most importantly, he was hungry. 

There's no such thing as prodigies, its just being hungry at a young age. 

Ask yourself: what's holding me down? what's keeping me in this barred cage? 

So clench your fist, grit your teeth, distinguish strength from being hopeless

Replenish inner confidence, and spread the cause and focus:

Be hungry.





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