I Am


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I Am

Edgar Vega

I am, the type of person that likes to help people.

I wonder if I would've said no to the person that needed a ride home from school.

Why do I feel like the only one helping people, is it only me doing it.

I see people being so negative to others, it is not right!

We as people should stop this negativity around us, we are all the same.

I am, the same as you, we should not be so negative towards each other.


People walk by, and ignore the painful words they hear towards the people.

I am, always feeling that i'm the only one sticking up for the people.

I worry one day there is not going to be people like me, it has to change.

I understand it is hard to make a difference in the world, but every bit helps.

I hope people open up their hearts and help these people.

I am, trying my best to set a great example for the younger people.


I am, the better person and helpful person.

Why can't we all be the helpful/better person.

Do we have to be so negative towards each other, can we just stop this.

I feel like I am, the only one trying to do something about it.

People say negative things for who I am.

Never change for who you are, follow your heart what you think is right.

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