I am

I am…


Chinese food and sushi, cottage cheese and frozen cocoa;


Skinny jeans and high-tops, hoodies, beanies and makeup;


Animal rescue, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and other wildlife;


My own person, individual and original, expressive and human;


Fluffy comforters, fuzzy socks, pillows and stuffed animals;


A best friend, shy but eccentric when you get to know me;


A large book, with actual pages and not the swiping of screens and big, chunky glasses;


Classical and Motown, pop and dubstep, rock and metal, opera and indie;


Earphones, laptops, coffee and warm blankets;


Rainy days, foggy mornings, snow falling softly and crisp leaves descending from the trees above;


Tears, angst, pain, self-consciousness, and anxiousness;


The colors black and red, silver and gold, grey and bronze, green and purple;


Not a child, scared for the future, not ready to leave high school;


Dodge trucks, Model T’s, Mustangs, Hummers, and Jeeps;


A student in high school, a senior, a chief;


Quotes and lyrics, poetry and words;


A dreamer, often heartbroken, caring, compassionate, a troublemaker;


Sunglasses and ripped flip-flops, swimsuits, and sunscreen;


Fingerless gloves and jackets, boots and leggings;


Chocolate and ice cream, pizza and root beer;


Roses and geraniums, petunias and lilies;


Christmas lights, smooth jazz, comfy couches, fluffy pillows, photography;


Just like everyone else but nothing like them, obstinate, a rebel;


Garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets, and savvy spending;


Late nights and TV, Starbucks and musicals;


Fall and winter, sweaters and cocoa;


Bonfires, smores, shorts and Glacier Cherry Gatorade;


Vanilla and cinnamon, Irish Spring body wash and the smell of cigarettes;


Old Spice, Axe, BOD, and musk;


Always there for people when they most need me;


Not perfect by any means;


Not math or science, algebra or astronomy;


Not easy to get to know yet an open book;


Not crafty but love art;


Definitely not a model but love showing off new clothes and designs;


Not the best listener to instructions, but knows lyrics to so many songs;


I am Olli, a human being.


I am me.

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