I Am

Wed, 03/06/2019 - 19:41 -- Keewie

I am high and low

I wonder who I really am

I hear myself saying I’m alright

I see a struggle I don’t know if i can pass

I want for my friends not to have to worry

I am high and low

I pretend things will turn out and I can handle it by myself

I feel like I’ve made a mess of a life just beginning

I touch my wrist to feel my pulse to show myself I’m alive and okay

I worry I won’t be here to help the ones I love

I cry for my future, present, and past

I am high and low

I understand I can only do so much to control life

I say my life has meaning

I dream about a happy life with loving people

I try so hard to be better

I hope these thoughts are all just irrational

I am high and low

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