I Am From...


I am from the fragrant lilacs, playing with my sister and building our little hide-outs in the colorful flowers. I am from the intimidating dragon at Lakeside amusement park, feeling my stomach drop for the first time. I am from eating watermelon at seven on my deck covering my new dress with the juice. I am from the aspens surrounding my camper, moving together in unison to create a rhythm that lulls me to sleep. I am from a goat farm, running in the green fields alongside the newborns as they learn how to scamper across the field. I am from the transition of being home schooled to experiencing the chaotic life of high school.

I am from the ocean, feeling the cold, salt water touch my toes. I am from the silliness created from being around my best friends. I am from the bicycle climbing up the mountain for the first time as I look down in awe at how far I’ve come. I am from the passenger seat in my friend’s old pickup truck, windows down, singing along to our favorite new song. I am from the strength that came from my parents and their faith in me. I am from the guitar my dad plays on the weekends that wakes up all the neighbors. I am from the daughter of an amazing mom, who also is my best friend. I am from the anger of being a torn up teenager, dealing with my parents’ divorce. I am from the books that led me to another world and helped develop a love for reading. I am from a struggled friend dealing with an alcoholic dad. I am from the horror movies that brought me and my friends to cling onto each other in fear. I am from the tennis courts, working eight hours a day all summer, as the heat becomes my biggest challenge.

I am from fighting through cancer with my little sister, and realizing how hard it is to lose someone. I am from the river laughing as I get plunged under the cold water. I am from saving my dog from the pound and growing up with him. I am from getting in trouble the first day of kindergarten for telling on kids, and having to sit by myself at recess. I am from the zoo, hiding inside the gift shop from my biggest fear; peacocks. I am from putting on a black afro wig and dancing with my dad while we cook pancakes on Saturdays. I am from riding my horse, Popeye, down the road and clinging on for dear life. I am from the game of hungry-hungry hippos played with all of my younger cousins. I am from the girl who always wanted to see the world, and clung onto the fact that she will see France one day. I am from the glue that holds my family together.

I am from the stubbornness of running away from home at seven, and walking two blocks before feeling guilty. I am from jumping off the cliffs twenty miles from town, then catching a ride with random college girls. I am from flying on an airplane for the first time and seeing the world below me. I am from Cherokee blood that runs through my veins and my ancestors. I am from the softball bench and learning that this sport was not my forte. I am from the organic foods that I was brought up on, and trying some of the weirdest squash of my life. I am from the flowers shaped perfectly around my grandparents yard, and the rule that we couldn’t touch them. I am from the nerf gun wars that my brother, Nicholas, and I had. I am from the chocolate that I grew to love from the start. I am from the sun burning down on my shoulders and staying outside anyways. I am from eating ice cream at the bottom of the skateboard park at night with friends and laughing at silly things. I am from the camera, capturing every moment since I was little, even if they weren't the greatest quality. I am from not wearing a helmet skiing, and having to be carried to town in an ambulance. I am from Junior year, spending countless nights doing homework, and being happy when I earned an A in the class. I am from hating cats since I was little, and thinking they were some sort of monster. I am from riding my pink, sparkly bike at five, falling off onto the cement and fracturing my humerus bone. I am from being a novice weightlifting my sophomore year and ruining my back.

I am from doing the Jitterbug with my grandfather, and him giving me Oreos when he watched me. I am from watching gorgeous sunsets with my family in Florida and feeling together again. I am from eating sushi for the first time and loving it, not knowing it had eel in it. I am from wanting to develop into the person that I will love all my life. I am from the city of Denver, Colorado, and will always be a Colorado girl.



The parts of the poem that come from my earlychildhood. I didn't know if I would be able to remember them or not. Luckily, I was.

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