I Am


I am creative and witty.

I wonder if I'll ever become the best.

I hear the ruckus of my thoughts banging all against my brain's wall.

I see all the awards I'll be getting for my fine pieces of work.

I want to become the very best at what I do.

I am creative and witty.

I pretend that the stress of trying to become the best is not there.

I touch my heart and feel the warmth it gives off for being able to do what I love to do the most.

I worry that many people won't like my pieces of work.

I cry at the fact that I probably won't be good enough to become the best.

I am creative and witty.

I understand that there are people out there who are better than me but that won't stop me form becoming the best.

I say I should keep trying to become better and better.

I dream of the day I'll be getting my award for being the best.

I try to keep my hopes up about my future plans.

I hope everyone would like my pieces of work.

I am an Author.



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