I Am


United States
44° 25' 56.316" N, 72° 17' 14.5032" W

I am Eija Shellman
I hear people talking
I smell Japanese Cherry blossoms
I taste alcohol,
I touch fabric,
I see clothes,
I want money,
I wonder what more life has to give me,
I pretend to be happy when I’m sad,
I enjoy hanging out with the girls,
I worry I’m not getting the most out of life,
I cry when I think of how hard things have got,
I think happiness is a hard thing to obtain,
I understand life itself is difficult,
I feel like it’s getting harder every minute,
I say what I feel as I do before I think,
I dream to become a fashion designer,
I plan for success,
I hope things get better over time,
I can look forward to the impossible,
I think friends are an important thing for a girl to have,
I make my dreams into reality,
I am Eija Shellman

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