I Am The Dove


United States
47° 54' 31.77" N, 122° 16' 5.2032" W

Your passion is present only as the camera pans to you.

Your life is the tide, and applause is the moon.

So when you find that people dissaprove, you get out your sheild and your machine guns too.

Prepared for attack, you defend what you lack.


I may be young, but I am also one to defend.

So when I see your sympathy, empathy, apathy pending, 

I feel bitter

...if not a bit better with keeping my stuff together than you.

But sorry, regardless, because if you knew that throwing dirt on cuts does not heal them,

you might feel some sort of remorse.


Of course, when I leave here, I will feel tons lighter.

It's wrong to smother the flame of a candle on top shelf,

then call yourself a firefighter.

Nor should you smother a voice and say you respect it.

When you have a choice, let your decision reflect the character you proclaim that your name upholds,

not a mould that was created out of your insecurities.

There are those like you in many cities, states, nations.

The sensation upon introduction often feels the same: a name that you honour.

But after you wander under the surface, you'll find what I did.


Authority does not make you great.

Neither your gait nor appearance. 

Indifference is the enemy of love.

And a dove must fly at some point along the way.

Not be chained in a cage, forever to stay

in a place of apathy in disguise.

Learn to revise your behaviour,

to savour those whom you say you value but push to the rear.


Your fear does not make you small.

I understand that it's a demon in us all.

But what really causes fragility is the inability to change.

Tame the doubts and bouts in your mind.

Take this poem as a sign from many that things are in havoc.

Don't ravish in your content like Marie Antoinette when people were starving on her watch.

Don't shove us with a botched-up record machine of systematic lies.

Learn to idolise more than your dictatorship of defensive aggression.

Did you know that the biggest lesson that I learned in your school can't be caught in a class?

When you were pretending to work for our sake,

I was taught how to fight for food while watching others eat cake.


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My community


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