I am flawless

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 13:39 -- the_R


I am flawless

I am flawless because I am me.
I am flawless because nobody can change me
I am flawless because I know who I am and that I am the only person like me
No matter what the public says about how should I look, I look beautiful just the way I am.
I am flawless because I wake up each day being me.
Sure I may have a few zits here and there
Sure I may not have legs that go on for miles
And sure I may not look like the photoshopped models
But I am who I am
I am real
Nobody can tell me anything that can change my mind about me
Maybe it will hurt my feelings at first but then I realize it is just words.
Nothing can bring me down because of one simple reason...
I am me.

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