I am Human


United States
33° 47' 50.0604" N, 84° 1' 38.3412" W

Years of trying to gain this.
To make you understand.
Your hair, eye color, and skin may be different.
So does this make you human and me an animal?
No I as well have the characteristics of a human being.
I as well have the hopes and the dreams like many of you.
I as well bleed, cry, feel pain, struggle, bare burdens just like you.
I as well strive to learn, to have a carrier and make a living just like many of you.
Are we salvages in a desert where the animal kingdom has taken over our lives.
Then why is it i am treated like the dirt on the grown and I must praise your every being call you master and abide by your rules.
Are you the leader of this country who wrote this is the land of the free?
If so you are indeed a hypocrite doomed to carry a burden.
Replace your thoughts live a day in my shoes
Where you are slandered each day called a Nigger, where you are looked down on.
Why curse me because my skin is dark? Why kick me out and give me scraps of food to eat.
I am a human who can talk, speak words even thought you have deprived me of that education i am strong enough to stand up and find a way.
To make the land of the free real.
My skin color does not determine the rights I have here nor do you .
I have a mindset and many other do as well to achieve what we believe is the true act of Civil Rights
Equality so what ever you have and hold dear to. We have equal opportunity to have and hold dear to us.
I am black and I am a Human.

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