I Am Human!

I know I'm not perfect so why you're judging?

Why you giving me that face and mean muggin?

We all human running the same race.

Some may run at a slow pace

Some may finish in first place

I AM HUMAN so what can you say?

I make mistakes but I turn to God

I know that he will provide.

I rep his name forevermore

I lived unashamed because he lives in me

This is my belief 

because my faith runs deep

and I know when my life is over I have eternal peace.

I AM HUMAN so don't criticize me

I have been called names

been bullied in fourth grade

I got called ugly many times

I know my worth and my status

I am a beautiful QUEEN, not crap!

I AM HUMAN & that's my appearance.

I am who I am 

I am who I am

I am Human ... I'm just like you 

and maybe I'll catch up to you in the race but I'm not worried no more

I'm at my own pace and save by grace!


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