I am... a Lover

Contemplating the possibilities of a catastrophe.

The reoccurring dreams of you and me,

but sadness is all I can see.

As I swim through the sea of constant depression,

I can't help but think of the progression of the feelings that drift through the river of my love for you.


Unsure of the feelings that are being perceived

Hoping that your beautiful eyes don't deceive

But that your heart receives the unforeseen happiness that I can bring.

I pray that you'll say I love you in every way,

But every day constant illusions of the real deal that you think you

feel that appeals to your angelic ears that I lend a song of shrills and trills of love for you I feel.


Conjuring the newly found emotion

That carries us away like fish in an ocean,

But I'm infected by pain…

So a kiss from your flawless lips will deliver the potion.

I wish to live with you and share my life and be blessed with the pleasance of one day becoming your wife.

But who knows what the future holds.

I love you and I care about the efforts we share.

You helped build this woman that is standing here.

So don't be weary because just as your eyes become teary

I will come to you and hold you and then I'll become yours sincerely.




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