I am me.


I am unperfect

Or atleast that's what I have always been told. 


I am too loud

When I am overwhelmed with excitement 

Or with anger

As adrenaline shoots through my body at an uncontrollable speed.

Yet I am too loud to be heard.


I am too small

To be seen amongst the crowds of giants

Even with a big personality that reaches above their heights.

Immediately I am associated as weak 

And too fragile to handle the heavy weights that are thrown my way.

I am too small to be important.


I am too broken

To be bothered with. 

I am too broken

To be fixed.


But He says on the contrary:

You are loud because you have something to say.

You are small but you are mighty.

You were broken but you are a fighter.

You have been broken 

With the scars and bruises to prove it,

But your brokenness is what makes you beautiful in my eyes.


I am flawless.

My flawless perfections are what make me, me.

No matter the voices of others or even myself

That seem to be deafening,

I choose to be this.

For this is what I am.


I am loud to the point of being obnoxious.

I am small with a heart twice the size of others.

I am broken and have put myself back together so many times that I have run out of fingers.

But I am me.

I am flawless.








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