I am ME

I am my past.

I am memories.

I am from days faded, and

                from nights never ending.

I am food coloring and

basement swings;

feet not grazing the ground.

Dreams grazing the sky.

I am sundaes on Sunday,

and pancakes for lunch.

I am Oma’s blaukraut:

                a smell you can taste.



I am leaf piles and driveway sledding.

Window goodbyes and sheltering hugs.

I am days spent doing everything, but nothing at all.



I am my present.

I am memories captured.

                Disagreements and accord.

I am loved “to the sun, the moon, the stars and back,”

                the reminder I will never be alone.

I am the world.

                the well traveled,

                from destinations remote.

I am cavemen and ice cream:

                the perfect combination lifestyle.

I am late night goodbyes and morning well wishes.

I am car dancing.

I am singing to the radio, a little off key,

                to music,

                where there is no communication barrier.

I am the over thinker and the nonchalant.


                That give me a glimpse of life.

I am my future.

I am feeling too much, and not enough.

I am eyes,

seeing what others seem to overlook.

I am escapes

                in music;

                in literature.

I am spending more time enjoying. More time feeling.

                Just more time.

I am worrying,

                second guessing,

                up late at night.

I am too many thoughts, and not enough words.

I am writing:

                my hands speaking,

                saying the things I cannot out loud.

I am long thoughts, and

                shower debates.

I am thoughts and aspirations that are uncertain.

                I am the great beyond.


I am my past, my present, my future.  




The memories, and the dreams.

                I am ME. 

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