I Am The New Negro


The New Negro's 'fraid of no man!
My collective consciousness recalls like a jazz-blues slow jam
How in eleventh grade I was phased seeing my people walk on history's stage
It's a page that, despite my age, I was never taught to see
Maybe because the dominant knew that it represented prophecy
There ought to be, a hostile ghetto gospel that meets the streets
That deters racial profiling as the cops move from beat to beat
'Cause they think we beat the heat of oppression, but the Dream ain't here
In jail I know I've seen my peers, let me free my tears
In the midst of Jim Crow, my grandma was in that Medgar Evers militia
Registering voters, trying to correct the picture
At the same time, my dad was living through segregated accommodations
That plus my free thinking mind turned out to be a deadly combination
'Cause I can see the progress made through successive generations
But it seems another man's past took another man's patience
I'mma do this shit period, never a comma waiting
So that's obscenity exclamation for anybody that's hating
Peep the explanation, I just want to be free
And if you feel trapped in a cell you should want to be me
Want to believe there's a future of equality, then we have to make it
Nat Turner for President, I might just have to take it


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