I Am A Person Not A Score.

I am a person.
I am not just a score on a page,
Or the grade I recieved in a class.
I am made up of so much more than my GPA
Or my SAT. 
Not all grades are a proper reflection of a person.
I am motivated.
I am intelligant. 
I have a voice that longs to be heard.
A voice that deserves to be heard. 
Someday I will get the chance to have my voice listened to.
Someday I will get the chance for my voice and all it has to say,
To be respected.
I will be told through most of my life until I'm well into my 30's
I am too young for that. 
I just don't understand that. 
I need to try harder and be like this other person who has higher scores.
But I will never be like that person.
Because I am me. 
And my dreams are things that should not be mocked or disregarded,
Simply because my test scores don't match what you think equals smart.
I may not be the best at math,
But have you seen what I can do with my writing when I am passionate?
I may not be the best with scientific formulas,
But have you seen what I can make with my hands?
I may contain the capacity in my head to become something great in this world.
But instead,
I'm here.
Stuck in this never ending rut, 
Because I am being judged and condemned on things that do not define me.
I am a person.
I am not a score on a paper.
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