I Am Poem

I am from summer sunshine and winter snow all in one day.

I am from "you have to do your homework before you get to play'.

I am from reading a book and falling asleep on the porch swing.

I am from "don’t you give up anything until he gives you a ring".  

I am from eating ice cream in the morning and cereal at night.

I am from "you will hold hands on the couch if you continue to fight".

I am from where catching lightning bugs is a serious sport.

I am from where pillows and blankets are used for making a fort.

I am from comfortable footy pajamas on all christmas day.

I am from my cozy bed where my fuzzy-tailed bunny likes to lay.

I am from where holidays consist of playing card games together.

I am from where everyone sticks by each other even through stormy weather.           

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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