I Am Ready

Sat, 02/28/2015 - 18:07 -- lopezc1
When I remove that mask of insecurities
You see a face of all my histories
My lips part like the red sea
A dark ocean of wild waves tumbling down my back
Every wrinkle and ridge like the cracked desert;
Every freckle and chuckle set me apart ;
Every word and emotion rocks my boat;
Every smile and frown initiates the smoke
That blurs my vision and chokes my throat,
And closes my voice box, so I am never heard.
Eyes open, Mind awake, Reality in check
It was but a nightmare that leaves me a wrecked ship,
Because when I do toss the mask, you may ask
Why I fly with the robins and swim with the dolphins
And become the captain at sea, and commander on land
When I trample the mask, you may wonder
How is it I can freely declare my love for
Opera in the morning and oatmeal in the evening
And become the star I have dreamed of
When I burn the mask, you may challenge
What I think about, say to you, or feel in my heart
But you can’t change me, you can’t tear me apart
Because my eyes are wide open, and I am ready,
Ready for the world to see me just as the Lord has made me
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Our world
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