I am shapeless

i am shapeless-shaping-shape deficient 

less being but more to be

a creatively sensitive book that nobody’s reading

I am a constant and simmering

a quiet tragedy

if my insides were melting

thicker thicker

they would be pouring out my sins

burning the sinner

father forgive

forgiven again

But how can you remove

stains imbedded within




caught in quicksand

knock knock 

but sorry,

 nobody’s allowed in


maybe im just shifting

within the catastrophe that is my mind

a psychoanalysis would perceive

that I'm a twisted individual

rooted in something sublime


if I were a being

a thing more or less

I think i’d be blackened

untidy and repressed


But I am moving

shapeless and constantly sure

production based on what people are seeing

personality flawed with the pressure 


rebelling syphons through every touch

a fire is burning

but scorching the earth

rather than warming 

or lighting a flame

it burns and it tortures

confining victims disintegrating


I am nothing short

of ravaging and sincere

a two toned masked figure

bottled in everclear

a little is crazy

a lot takes you out

soon your in the hospital 

praying to god 

while getting your stomach pumped out

but that’s what I’ll do

you cant take more than a sip

im clear but deceiving

run unless you want to see the IV drip


i am senseless

but also easily sensed

loving so sweetly

but swift 


something to resent

gloss covers me whole

curls down my spine

shiny and plastic

with that brand new shine


dust collects under

dimming from within

the gloss falters quickly 

and your stuck 

trying to clean

till your end meets the end



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