I am a Soldier

Someone can think of the end result,

While not knowing how to get there.

We came to fight a war,

Not knowing what it would cost.


If there was something we came for,

It must have been lost.


We as fighters- fight our own wars,

Shadowy figures we cannot conqeur,

The pain we fight against,

Is in our hearts and mentality.


We all have dreamt of the day we would be home,

Those who have survived,

Already know this is home.


Our daily meal closer to nothing,

A loaf of bread offers,

With the faithful taste of mother earth,

Is that all we have earned in our days work?


When we battle the real war,

We often forget who we are,

Our comrades fall around us,

Sometimes blown apart.


Everyone loses something,

If it's their hand,

Or if it's their heart.


Most everyone only knows the end,

Only those who were there know,

What trouble we went through,

Only for you to know the war is over,

Not to know the honor we earned,

In protecting our country.


All we have now is what we came for,

For some of us a badge,

For some of us our life.


To only think of the end result,

And not know we are the ones who got there.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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