I don't break, I bend.

Mon, 06/30/2014 - 14:25 -- Astod

Please don't break. 
Not again. 
Hold it together, 
you've done so well
don't let the presence of death
upon your doorstep bring you down. 
The blade is faded and no longer a vice
even though it calling your name
lures you in again and again and again, 
it is not your friend. 

Don't do it, don't cry. 
You are more than the circumstance
that surrounds you. 
You are stone, 
you are strong and unbreakable. 
The tides of the times you've tried
are heavier than the crosses you bare
so even when that weight is upon 
your frail shoulders, don't break. 
Pick yourself up and get some exercise. 

The scars are finally healed, 
and no one can see them 
no more nagging questions, 
no more paranoia. 
The flesh isn't just skin anymore, 
it's apart of who you are, 
who you've become
so don't let who you are
in this moment of turmoil 
break all your progress. 
You are more than this. 

life has been that way 
since you were young 
and although you know 
what exactly it feels like
to never catch a break 
because you're held down by instances
that can't be controlled, 
The chaos is mandatory
but suffering through it is not. 

So tie your worries to all of your dreams
and watch the dreams carry your worries away. 
Today is not a bad day. 
Take off your shoes and dance in the rain. 
Today is a good day. 

I told you I'm sorry, 
for breaking too often and not building enough, 
but you told me some things are meant to be broken-
things other than my smile. 
So I smiled and you told me it was like poetry, 
soft, troubled but always within reason.


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