I Don't Know

I don't know what you went through, 

but it was wrong. 

I never felt the sting of those names,

they were just common words to me.


I never thought that they meant that.

I never thought that your skin,

who you love, or where your from

could make you 





"like that"


I didn't know love was why you went to hell.

I thought it was why you went to heaven,

to tell the truth. 

But I was wrong about a lot of things.


I thought color was just how to tell people apart

if they have the same face.

It just made them distinguishable, different.

I didn't know different was bad.


I thought it would be neat

if I were to meet a person from far away.

Someone who had seen an ocean, 

someone with stories about things I had never seen.


Honestly, I think the only thing that saved

that one guys life was how much the dog liked him.

Yes, the dog, because while shooting a man is fine,

you don't dare hurt a prize hunting dog. 


I don't know what you went through, 

I don't know how much hate you have endured,

but I know it was wrong. 

And I wish sorry could make it even just a little bit better. 


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