I don't wanna die too young

 I don't wanna die too young I'll say it again , I don't wanna die too youngHaving my loved ones and the people that knew me tear up every time they hear my name Or feel a sudden rush of sadness  or pain and feel like every time someone uses my name they say it in vainFilled with guilt  because they wish things were the same or at least close to it Wishing That they were there to take the bullet of at least stop it from happening I don't wanna be another hashtag and The night I died I could've I saw the Big Dipper I know this shit doesn't make sense But I just couldn't find anything else to rhyme with it I was minding my own business having childhood flashbacks I was walking back from a friends kickback I died in January and they'll forget me and I'll be yesterday's news in April or MayI mean why would they care anyway You kill a nigger and in someone's else eyes you saved the day Some people will think I deserved itThey'll fabricate a lie to make me look like I committed a crime That I deserved to somehow die That I deserved to fall on that pavement, be in agonizing pain, and think about how my life was while I wait to catch my last breathe Will somebody help me! Somebody please help! This bullet had to be meant for somebody else!Please don't flash any bad pictures of me on FOX newsMomma please don't let them paint me as somebody else but myself!!

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