I Finally

Mon, 10/23/2017 - 22:48 -- jenvar

Tears and blood become one as I walk,On an everlasting broken roadThe light dimmers as I proceed,Allowing darkness to surround me Judgements shield by my hands,Inject pain and become bruisesAccusations cracked my back,And created a door for guilt My knees bleed from begging,All they desired was acceptanceMy appearance becomes my disguise,Allowing me to finally blend in As I keep walking dark shadows posses the roadTheir screeching and guffaws foster oxygenThe cold air warmths meMy surroundings accompany me The shadows creep towards meUsing their whispers to penetrate into my brain,Taking over my cerebrumMy lungs become addicted to the airMy mouth mimics their sounds As I look down at my reflection on the water,I see my appearance becoming theirsI walk away with unwanted satisfaction in my face,Because I’m now the same as them 

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Our world
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